If colon cleanses were magic fairies, kids would dress up like them for Halloween.

Except they’re not magic. And neither is every other diet you’ve tried.

Fact: You’re too busy, too hot and way too full-on amazing to feel tired, sad or just plain crummy in that waiting-to-be-claimed body of yours.

In that waiting-to-be-claimed LIFE of yours.

And you sure as hell don’t have the time nor the patience to try on one more ridiculous fad diet, magic potion or size 6 ANYTHING (that mocks you from its stupid little heap on the dressing room floor).

This is Jen Cooper Coaching, where hip, cool and optimistic women… who love themselves too damned much to feel “less than”… come when they’re ready to claim or reclaim

The Sexy.
The Saucy.
The “I could kick your ass if I wanted to.”
The Person You’ve Always Been — But Just Needed a Little Help Being.

Whether you’re starting from a well-worn cushion on the couch (hey, everyone’s been there) or simply looking to fine-tune an already fit machine — or anything in between — you’re in the right place.

I will help you create a plan that combines fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, and works exactly right for you. And once we have that formula in place, I’ll stick right at your side until you can soar all by yourself, almost like a magic fairy — but way tougher. And, err, easy on the glitter.

It is your God-given right to feel sexy, amazing and alive.

So what are you waiting for? You and me — we’ll get there.

No magic potions necessary.

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